We agree that our world is rapidly changing, and we must adapt our classrooms to meet the moment.

Our education system is failing teachers and the students they serve, with a mere 16% of educators recommending the teaching profession. This has to change.


Which means our contracts have to change.


What if they empowered teachers to lead the classrooms of tomorrow? What if they enabled educators to better serve students? And what if they granted flexibility for a community’s needs? Wouldn’t that be an amazing evolution of the teaching profession?


There’s a lot to be hopeful about. And there’s a lot we can do. And it all starts where we agree.

Read the paper: “Designing Contracts for a Modern Classroom: The ABCs of CBAs

Educators for Excellence and Center for Public Research and Leadership (CPRL) at Columbia University, June 2024

Explore how you can modernize your contract

I want to make the profession more: